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Can bitcoin become a global currency

can bitcoin become a global currency

enter the transaction data into a powerful computer that essentially processes a seemingly endless string of computations that increase in difficulty over time. Thats because the key functions of money that bitcoin can serve are already well handled across much of the developed world. Banking systems, while protected, are unfortunately pretty vulnerable to hacking attempts or malicious phishing. Transactions are typically tax free and inexpensive.

Financial companies work for their personal interests alone; hence, they care more about the benefits that they derive than the people. Investors wanting to diversify their portfolios could use precious metals like gold. Created back in 2007, bitcoin is the worlds first decentralized virtual form of currency. In order to understand the reasons for such extreme price volatility, we attempt to identify drivers of BitCoin price formation and estimate their importance econometrically.

We cant forget cases in countries like Germany of residents taking exorbitant sums of money to the bank with a wheelbarrow in the 19th century. Nevertheless, educating people about fiscal policies and the banking system will do more good than harm. Goldman Sachs is reportedly preparing a cryptocurrency trading desk. The reality is that cryptocurrencies still have a high regulatory bar to clear in most places, the strategists said. As of fall of 2016, it is now an accepted form of payment in dozens of countries around the globe. To start with, governments cant track whos paying or receiving digital currencies. The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin.

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